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About Us

Hi! Hello!

I'm Coach Maree and welcome to my shop. I am super excited to offer you some pretty cool products.

My personal journey into running began 7 years ago when I was 40 kgs overweight and extremely unhealthy. I needed to get the weight off and create some healthy habits in my life and for me running did just that.

I started lamp post running in the dark and taught myself how to run my first 6 km event. I progressed slowly every year after that and then last year I ran my very first 60 km ultra marathon. It took hard work and determination but I did it !!

Throughout this time I became a Pilates instructor, Personal Trainer and now a Running Coach inspiring and motivating people to run. 

I now offer Online Coaching, Tour groups, Running groups and sell only the products that I love, through my new Go Run Girls Shop. 

Enjoy shopping

x Coach Maree